Thank you for sending me your feedback!

However, before you do, please be advised of a few rules and regulations I had to put up because of some recent occurences and my overall workload:

First of all, your feedback is welcome!
I try to respond to my emails within a reasonable amount of time (unless you violate one of the rules below). After all, I get hundreds of emails a day, and I have trouble catching up deleting all that mail, let alone reading or replying.
If I didn't respond I'm probably busy, your email got lost or I'm away or something. Just email me again or give me a friendly reminder.
Any flames will be deleted immediately without reading further or a reply.
Constructive criticism is welcome, but please adhere to netiquette and keep a nice tone.
Unsolicited email ("spam") is unwelcome, and I reserve the right to take further steps.
I can and will not copy pages or schematics from any book or document and (e)mail or fax them to you.
I do not have "... a piece of code that does this or that ..." and even if I did, I can't and won't mail it to you.
I can not help you to develop your software or hardware. I'm pretty busy myself and I have a day job too!
If you are linking to my page, thank you, but that does not mean I have to return the favor.

Okay, with that off my chest, type away, I look forward to hearing from you! My address is

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