Printed Circuit Boards

I have designed circuit boards for many of my projects, the downside is that I designed them with a layout program I wrote myself. Just to make one thing clear right here: I don't sell etched and drilled boards for my projects! Either you buy a built and tested unit, or you have to build everything yourself, and that includes the board. The reason is, making boards is either a mess and a lot of work (if I make the board myself), or really expensive (if I have them made elsewhere). Anyway, since I put the layouts up here, it should be no problem for you to make the boards yourself.

As I mentioned above, the boards were designed with a layout program I wrote myself, as a consequence you need a viewer program to view and print those boards. This vieser runs only under Windows, and to be honest, I didn't put a lot of effort into the viewer, but it should work. If it doesn't, tough luck, welcome to the freeware world. But one hint: maybe you're just missing a MFC-DLL. Some boards seem to cause problems under Win95/98, but NT seems to work fine, so 2000 should too.

There is no silkscreen, but that's what the schematics are for. And usually there is a picture too. Sorry, this is just a hobby of mine, don't expect too much.

Click here to download the viewer.

There are boards for the following projects (more soon):

Caution netscape users:Netscape seems to corrupt the pcb files when you download them, so please use Internet Explorer for this purpose!

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